About Us



RNG Construction Limited is a well-respected building contractor in North London, UK.

Having been in the construction industry for over 15 years, we have acquired enough experience to deliver quality work with every project that we handle.

Our impressive portfolio showcases the kind of quality work that we’ve done over the years. We’ve worked on different types of projects ranging from small scale to multi-billion pound projects.

At RNG construction, we don’t just work: we work with zeal to ensure that all our customers regardless of religion, race, gender, or social class are happy with our work.
To deliver quality work, we have top-notch equipment which we allow you to view before we start working on your project.
Our team of expert contractors is knowledgeable and works effortlessly to deliver exceptional results with every project. Our experts are also available to answer all your question regarding the project that you might have.Once you express an interest in working with us, we’ll send our representative to your site. The representative will look at the scope of your project analyzing all the work that we’ll need to do.

About our company

After reporting back to the office, we’ll send you a free quote, with details like;

– Cost estimates
– Expected project commencement date
– Milestones
– Final deadline

Since we respect our client’s time, we ensure that we complete all our projects by the deadline.
Besides having the technical expertise, our team has also undergone training on health and safety standards. The training minimizes any injuries to the workers or pedestrians.
We also have insurance policies for all our workers to cover for injury liabilities should an accident happen on your property.
Our staff is also customer-focused and will always give you excellent customer service at all times. If you happen to encounter any cases, of poor customer service, please call or email us and we’ll handle the case with immediate effect.



I was scared stiff when RNG construction Limited reported for work to do my basement underpinning. I was very impressed with the work they did. You wouldn’t even tell that my house went through basement work from looking at the exterior.

RNG Construction Limited came highly recommended by a friend. When I bought my house, I didn’t see the need for a big kitchen. When my family started to increase in size, I knew that it was time for a kitchen conversion. The company was able to deliver exactly what I asked for and in time!

RNG Construction limited is one of those companies that you know is going to deliver exceptional work. They converted lofts in two of my properties, and I’m planning to use them for my third loft conversion on my third home.

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